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501(c)3 Charity Organization

Russian Rescues

These two sisters were rescued from the streets of Russia, where they were unlikely to survive the winter. Now they're enjoying sunny California! Please let us know if you are interested in rescuing animals from other countries such as Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Korea, China and many more!

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You will likely encounter lots of feral cats at our sanctuary! They are very easy to integrate into your household, have low maintenance needs and are great for controlling rodents! They appreciate having a safe place to rest and refuel - please ask us if you have a property that could accommodate feral cats!

4th of July Surprise!

Minnie is a mini horse we rescued from a slaughter facility, who turned out to be pregnant! After the 4th of July fireworks, an Independence Star was born!

Today the new horse family of 3 rescued horses has a home of their own!

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