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All Beings Cooperate to Create Paradise

501(c)3 Charity Organization


We believe that in order to achieve peace of earth, we need all being to cooperate! 

Animals instinctively cooperate in nature! Our pets live to give us love, protection, healing and companionship. Therefore it is our duty to provide equivalent support to our animal brothers and sisters. We believe that when all being cooperate, we can achieve happiness for everyone, and are excited to do our part!

After many years of collaborating with rescues all over the bay area, fostering, rescuing animals from individuals and off the streets, we have established ourselves as an official 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization in Bay Area, CA - with the continued support of other rescues, veterinary hospitals and animal shelters in the area.

Saving lives is everyone's duty!

Our organization has been rescuing animals internationally for over 20 years! All types of animals in need are welcome at our sanctuary. From birds to livestock, reptiles or puppies & kittens - we welcome the opportunity to alleviate suffering and loneliness for our voiceless wards.

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